Andy Bowden Review

An extract from the review:

Black’s skill as a writer shines in this book: he successfully puts the pieces together in what many have considered an unsovable jig-saw puzzle. Black demonstrates that the solution need not be complicated by far-fetched hypothecating of fanciful theories about lost sources. He accomplishes this in a straightforward, clear manner which allows the reader to easily work through his book in one sitting. Black shows that one need not be voluminous to be persuasive. In a world when arguments are circular, complicated, lengthy, and just plain boring, Black keeps the reader’s attention from page 1 to page 100. …

(Source:  Review Why Four Gospels?)

James A. Lee

James A. Lee at Deliver Detroit reviews Why Four Gospels? A sample:

With the prevalence of evangelical dismissal of anything common to the 1st century or pre-reformation thought concerning the order and historicity of Church life, or documents, this book comes as a challenge to the dismissal of Patristic witness concerning the chronological order of the Synoptics. Black brings his deductions to a level of understanding that most of us can understand and consume while challenging us to examine how we view the documents themselves.

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Jon Glass Review

That was fast!  No sooner received than reviewed!  A publisher cannot help but love a review titled “Why you should read ___!”

I’ll leave his five reasons you should read the book for you to find in his review, but I want to quote this:

Dr. Black deals with technical information in an easy-to-follow format in this work.  I am far from a biblical scholar and Black’s presentation of the material is straightforward and flows well.

One of the values of this book, in my opinion as its publisher, is that it introduces this particular view of the issue in an accessible way.