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March 17, 2015

On the Reliability of the Gospels, Especially Mark

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(Extracted from Dave Black Online, March 17, 2015. Used by permission.) 11:44 PM Just wanted to say hello before going to bed tonight. I spent a few days in the Dallas area over the weekend, primarily to attend a conference sponsored by Brite Divinity School and featuring Adela Yarbro Collins of Yale. Her topic was […]

September 8, 2012

Gospel Dates in Relation to Philippians

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7:16 PM Mark over at Alternation continues his excellent discussion of the book of Philippians, which we are now studying in Greek 3. His current passage is 1:12-18. In verse 14 Paul refers to the “word” which the Romans believers were speaking boldly and fearlessly. Concerning this word, Mark states: The word is not yet […]

May 18, 2012

The Church Fathers and Study of the Gospels

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5:50 AM I’m glad to see that the Gospel of Mark is being discussed on several blogs these days. The latest hubbub seems to have to do with something called Mark’s “community.” However, the elephant in the room, it seems to me, is the absence of any discussion of the church fathers. Of course, a […]

April 1, 2011

Embellishing Stories

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4:45 PM If you are a Civil War buff (as I am you) have probably seen the movie Gettysburg starring Martin Sheen as Robert E. Lee and Jeff Daniels as Joshua Chamberlain. There’s an unforgettable scene that takes place on the first day of battle. Union cavalry General John Reynolds is in the copula of […]

December 31, 2010

Making a Reading List

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At Energion Publications we like the blogosphere, and we like to see our books on people’s reading lists. Why Four Gospels? is one of Five Books I Liked This Year from The Savannah Project.

November 23, 2010

Motivation for Matthew

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10:12 AM On the original motivation for Matthew: As soon as the first wave of converts had been baptized and their instruction organized by the Twelve, the apostles’ thoughts turned to the practical question of how to unify and consolidate their teaching about Jesus. The apostles realized that they somehow needed to promulgate those passages […]

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